NOOBODIES workshop

Meet Alessio Erioli and learn how to deal with the basics of geometry and behavior in Processing, exploring iterative logics for the generation and manipulation of geometries through simple coded behaviors.


Advanced Master Program in Computational Design (Paris)

We are designing an Advanced Master Program as a comprehensive training of computation in the fields of architecture, design, engineering and digital arts.

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inFORMed matter

Andrea Graziano will be back in Paris in March 2015.
INFORMED MATTER is an intermediate Grasshopper workshop about advanced mesh modeling.

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A unique experience to explore the blurring boundaries between art, engineering and architecture with Hugh Dutton Associates.


Why this website?

Curated by Francesco Cingolani, WE WORKSHOP is a parisian-based platform for workshops and events about computational design, digital arts and parametric approach to architecture and collaborative strategies.

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