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The title refers to the concept of Noosphere, the sphere of human thought (as following geosphere and biosphere in the scale of complexity), first introduced by Pierre Teilhard De Chardin & Vladimir Vernadsky. Any form of coded information generates an embodiment (spatialization); bodies are generated from codified information, and information takes a body of its own.

This is even more evident in the case of material systems, which can be understood as structured, embodied information. Computational simulation methods allow to extend our horizon beyond the limits imposed by physical matter and exploit the same kind of iterative feedback, rule-based formation processes that create ordered complexity.

Those processes are based on protocols that link behavior (including forces) and geometry into encapsulated entities (objects) interacting with each other.
Differently from functional programming software (like Grasshopper, unless extending it though customized code), Processing allows Object-Oriented Programming and logics to be implemented with nearly real-time interaction. 

During the workshop, participants will learn how to deal with the basics of geometry and behavior in Processing, exploring iterative logics for the generation and manipulation of geometries through simple coded behaviors.


NOOBODIES is a workshop for architects, designers, engineers, artists and coder with no previous knowledge in Processing.

Participants have to bring their own laptop with pre-installed software (detailed information will be given after the registration). Processing is a free and open-source software available for mac and pc.

  • You can download Processing here.
 You don’t need any specific skill in Processing to attend the workshop. Anyway, if you are completely new to Processing please head to, install the software and follow the Getting Started tutorial before the workshop.


AGENDA : 26,27,28 OF JUNE 2015

  • Number of days : 3 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).
  • Number of hours : 21.

The daily timetable is: Morning 10-13 + Afternoon 14-18 (coffee breaks included).


DAY 01

Object Oriented Programming (OOP):

  • classes and objects
  • fields, constructors and methods

Extending Processing: import external libraries

Basics: from rules to geometry

  • vector basics
  • points, lines, figures (PShapes)
  • user interaction (mouse and other devices input/output)
  • 2D to 3D

Basics: iteration

  • introducing control: loops & conditional statements
  • data structures (array, arraylist)
  • fields

Basics: behaviors

  • motion & control (speed, acceleration, easing, boundary check)
  • neighbor checking


DAY 02

Intermediate: iterations

  • particles and agents
  • implementing behaviors
  • implementing stigmergy: reading/writing to an environment

Interface design
Mesh control

DAY 03

  • Bridging Processing – connection with other software (Rhino/Grasshopper and others)
  • Personalized project development



portrait_20150311 (1)

Alessio Erioli is Engineer and Senior Researcher at Università di Bologna, MArch in Biodigital Architecture, PhD in Architectural Engineering.

His interests interweave teaching & design ecologies in Computational design, focusing on relations among matter, information, agency, space, aesthetics explored through multi-agent based simulations coupled with form-finding strategies and robotic construction.

He is also skilled in computational design, programming & modeling on several platforms.

Learn more on / facebook / tumblr / / Architizer

About Co-de-iT

Alessio Erioli is a co-founder of Co-de-iTcomputational design Italy -.

Structured as a network of heterogeneous clusters, Co-de-iT focus on the impact of computation as design medium in creative disciplines; being situated at the edge of biology and technology allows the coalescence of interested members and external collaborators into multidisciplinary teams for different topic-based explorations, combining research, education and networking activities in a unique workflow.



Computational designer and co-founder of VOLUMES, a collaborative space in Paris including a coworking, a maker space and a foodlab.

He is the founder and director of the new advanced master program in Computational Design and Making in Paris and he teaches computational design and parametric architecture in several design and architecture schools and digital arts institutions.

He strive to push forward the idea of design as a process without boundaries, merging art, social sciences and collaborative cultures.


The Workshop is organised by Francesco Cingolani in collaboration with Co-de-iT and VOLUMES coworking via the WE WORKSHOP platform.


English will be the main language of the workshop, but organizers speak fluently Italian, Spanish and French.


VOLUMES coworking
78 rues Compans (in the courtyard)
75019 Paris

Métro Place des Fêtes (line 11) or Botzaris (line 7bis)


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We offer reduced Early Birds fees for participants who register before 15/05/2015 22/05/2015 (included).
Prices will rise by 16/05/2015 23/05/2015.

TVA may apply depending on your invoicing address : please contact us for further details.

  • Only for students, teachers, researchers & PhD (proof of status required).

Registration are now open (deadline: 01/06/2015).
The workshop has a maximum of 20 places available and will be activated with a minimum number of 15 participants.

If you want to apply for the workshop, please fill the form by clicking the button below.
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